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Kymera Body Board

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  • Kymera Body Board <br> (KYM00001)
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The Kymera is full-range fun, meaning it’s simple and controllable enough that even the most tentative rider will find the craft approachable. The deck has strategically-placed neoprene padding to provide grip and a bit of relief from the otherwise hard surface and it’s also ergonomically shaped, making for a ride that’s comfortable while providing good control and the ability to see what lies ahead.

Riding the 81 x 32 x 12-in (205 x 81 x 30-cm) Kymera came naturally enough and should be familiar territory for anyone who has body-boarded or paddled before. Pulling the hand trigger located on the right handgrip results in gradual acceleration – unless you peg it, in which case you’ll take off while raising a rooster tail. Releasing the trigger brings your momentum down almost immediately thanks to the buoyancy of the craft. Steering is accomplishing by rolling the hips in the direction you want to go, while your feet can supply additional directional control allowing you to make fairly sharp turns, even at full speed.

At slow cruising speed the Kymera makes for a fun alternative to kayaks or canoes. Quiet, effortless, with quite a long range when moving at sight-seeing speeds – it’s rated at over 6 mi (10 km) per two-hour charge. And your face is close to the water, giving you a new perspective as well as keeping you a lot cooler than if you were fully exposed to the sun.

Kymera glides in just inches of water and, with a tough hull, if you do bang into the occasional submerged obstacle, or even drag it across the rocks on a portage, it’s unlikely you’ll blemish, let alone pierce the craft.

The ability to quietly navigate very shallow bodies of water expands the usage possibilities of the Kymera from pure recreation to investigation. We couldn’t help but think of aquatic scientists that would enjoy new levels of access gliding along at water level. Not to mention fishermen, who will doubtless find it an interesting option for prospecting hard to reach places.

Dimensions: 81″x32″x12″
Weight: 48 lbs
Speed: 15-20 Mph
Battery: 45m-1h per charge

$2 995

Sales Tax and Title Registration NOT INCLUDED


Body Board
20 mph (32 km/h)  [depending on rider weight and conditions]
Approx. 5,000 W
5-6 miles (8-9.6 km/h) average per pack  [plus 1 mile (1.6 km) or more reserve at around 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)]
Approx. 45 min - 1 hour per pack (depending on speed)
15-20 seconds (no tools required)
2 hours


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